I am a huge fan of drugstore products and my makeup purse is mostly filled with products that won’t cost you an arm and leg to buy. However, there are a few items that I happily spend my cash on and the GlamGlow mask range is one of those brands.


I have tried all of the Glamglow masks (all in the name of research, right?) and it can be overwhelming if you are not sure which is the right one for you.

Here are my thoughts and opinions to help you decide on which Glamglow is right for you:

  1. Supermud (a.k.a the white one)

I LOVE this mask. It is great for clearing your skin and sucking every inch of dirt out. Use if you have problem skin. It does tingle a little but not too much. This mask can even be used as a spot treatment to dry out any pimples. Place a small amount on the pimple before you go to bed and wake up and wash off. It really helps to dry it out.

2. Powermud (a.k.a. the green one)

To me, this has all of the amazing benefits of the Super Mud but with one major difference: as you wash it off, it turns into an oil to hydrate your skin. So if you have problem skin but also experience some dryness or your skin often feels tight after a mud mask, this is the one for you. I personally love it- it feels so silky and luxurious when washing off!

3. Youthmud (a.k.a the black one)

This is called the tinglexfoliate treatment and man, IT TINGLES!!! I would preface this with a disclaimer that it is not for sensitive skin. It does leave your skin feeling awesome and super smooth though if you power the tingle. Also, the bits in this mask are totally normal!

4. Gravitymud (a.k.a.the purple one)

This is the anti aging mask of the group and is actually a peel off mask, rather than a mud mask. IT’s silver, smells amazing and makes for some awesome alien-inspired snaps but I can’t say my skin felt much firmer or looked any younger. My least favourite of the group performance wise but my favourite looking one. You know, if looking good in a face mask is important to you!

5. Flashmud (a.k.a the orange one)

This claims to have a brightening formula and I love to use it before I go out and do a full face of makeup. Rosie Huntington Whiteley uses a brightening mask before she hits the red carpet and if it’s good enough for Rosie, well then it’s good enough for me (#girlcrush). I must say I do actually find my skin to be smoother and brighter after using this mask and use it before I head out somewhere nice. This is “a nice to have” mask, but if you are on a budget, I would recommend investing in one of the skin clearing masks first.

6. Thirstymud (a.k.a the blue one)

This mask is one of my favourites for the smell alone. It works slightly different in that you leave this on overnight and don’t wash off. Living in a country with a very harsh winter climate, a hydrating mask is a must for my skin and this is my favorite one. (alright it’s a toss up between this and the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask) If you have dry skin, give your skin a treat with this one.

Have you tried the range from Glamglow? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment or tweet me to share your opinions! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for daily pictures and inspo!



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