I have never suffered with dry skin. That is of course until I moved to climate that has very harsh winter weather and has extremely dry air. My face was painful it was so dry – I felt like my face would crack if I smiled and my skin was really, really painful, red and sore.

I needed to change up my skincare routine.


I started with Avene – recommended to me by a Canadian girl, it is a French brand that uses thermal water as a main ingredient. I felt a difference almost immediately after using this product. I used the rich cream (but there is also a lighter one too!) and it transformed my skin.


The GlamGlow masks are very much worth the hype in my opinion. Each one has a different function but for dry skin, I would recommend these two for dry skin: ThirstyMud (the blue one) or PowerMud (the green one)
Apply the ThirstyMud mask to your skin before you go to sleep and let it works its magic overnight. Don’t remove. It is really moisturizing and smells amazing too!
Even dry skin can experience breakouts so if this is your situation, I recommend the PowerMud. Like the SuperMud Clearing Treatment (the white one) it literally sucks all of the dirt and oil out of your skin but rather than drying hard and leaving your skin feeling this mask becomes a moisturizing oil as you wash it off.
Exfoliating is really important when your skin is dry. I use No7 exfoliating wash because it is gentle on your skin while still getting the job done. Other brands have sharp particles and these can often too more damage than good. For a natural alternative, mix some coconut oil with fine sugar or salt and gently exfoliate!
Check out some of my fav products below:
Skincare for Dry Skin

Kiehl s gentle face cleanser
66 CAD –

Clinique moisturizing facial mask
56 CAD –

GlamGlow mud mask
49 CAD –

GlamGlow exfoliating mask
94 CAD –

Avène beauty product
44 CAD –

Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water
12 CAD –

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